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Staying Active In The Cold 

As the temperature drops, so does the motivation to go outside. However, it is important to stay physically active, even in the winter. In fact, exercising in cooler weather has some advantages, such as not having to deal with heat or humidity. Exercising outdoors also allows you to get some Vitamin D, and boosts your immunity during cold and flu season. There are many outdoor activities you can participate in during the winter, such as: 

If you are doing any kind of physical activity in the cold, there are steps you should take to ensure you stay healthy: 

  •   Layer Up. Wear multiple layers that you can remove as your body starts to warm up. The layer closest to your skin should be light and moisture wicking, the second should be insulating such as wool or fleece, and the third should be wind and rain-repellent. Be sure to also wear a hat and gloves to prevent frostbite.  

  •   Warm Up. Be sure to stretch or do a dynamic warm up before going out into the cold. This will help warm up your body and circulate your blood to help prevent injuries. 

  •   Have A Plan. Always make sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly before participating in any outdoor activity. Also ensure you tell your plan to close friends and family so they are aware of your location in case of a storm. 

  •   Wear Sunscreen. Although you may not think of it due to the cold weather, the snow reflects the sun’s rays, making sunburn possible even if it is cold. Always remember to apply sunscreen. 

  •   Mix It Up. Try out all different types of outdoor winter activities to see what you enjoy the most! This will help keep you motivated to go outside and will help utilize different parts of your body.    

Staying physically active can be extremely beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Make an effort to get outside, even in the cold!  

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