Increase in Covid Cases mean an Increase in Indoor Exercises

Ways to Stay Active While in Quarantine 

With the rapid increase of the Omicron variant spreading to people all over the U.S. according to New York Times the country has been averaging almost daily 500,000 new cases of the Coronavirus. This is happening at a rate far faster than even the pandemic last year. If you find yourself as one of the unfortunate ones to have tested positive for the virus you might want to continue reading. There is a multitude of indoor exercises to stay fit during your quarantine and it is important to do so. Staying active while you’re ill has been proven to be beneficial to your overall health as long as your symptoms are above the neck. Dr. Edward Laskowski, certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation outlines the qualifications deemed necessary to participate in physical activity while sick here. Take a look and make sure you’re able to do so.  

The following are examples of some indoor exercises anyone can do from home, no equipment needed.  

  • Yoga: The legs-up-the-wall pose is excellent for all fitness levels especially beginners, it can be done as its own separate exercise of part of a cool down at the end of an exercise and promotes excellent blood circulation. Healthline outlines the directions and different variations of the pose to be followed step by step.  

  • Workout Videos: YouTube offers a variety of different at home workout videos where the only equipment you need is yourself. You can select specific workouts that meet your fitness needs whether that may be low impact, full body, or dance exercises you can get your sweat on at home. Some workouts you can search up on YouTube could be yoga, low impact/beginner, hiit (full body), and dance cardio workouts! 

          Don’t let quarantine ruin your fitness goals, stay motivated and get active in your own home and email us at if you would like to share your tips on exercising indoors! 

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