Beginners Guide For Meal Prepping


How To Guide On Meal Prep 

Meal prepping is the method of planning and preparing your meals for the week ahead of schedule. Meal prepping is very beneficial for those of us who start the week with good intentions, however as our schedules get busier, healthy eating does not become a priority anymore. Meal prepping saves you time during the week, since you can do all of your grocery shopping and preparing in one day, and simply warm up your meals throughout the week. The method also saves you money and leads to less food waste, and can save you calories since you won’t do as much mindless snacking.  

Here are some tips on how to get started: 

Choose Your Method: 

The most popular meal prepping methods are: 

  •   Make Ahead Meals: Cook full meals ahead of time and  reheat when it comes time for them. This can be beneficial  for dinners. 

  •   Batch Cooking: Make large batches of a specific recipe,  then freeze to be reheated and eaten over the next few  months. 

Choosing the right method for your schedule is essential for the success of your meal prep. If you want to make your morning routine more efficient, you might opt for the make-ahead breakfast. However, if you tend to be busy at night, batch-cooked dinners may work best for you. 

Other Tips For Success: 

  •   Stick To A Schedule: Create a routine where you do your  grocery shopping and prepping your meals at the same time  every week. This will help you stay consistent and be  successful.  

  •   Make A Shopping List: To save time in the grocery store,  create a detailed list of all the ingredients you will need for  the following week. This will also prevent the purchase of  unnecessary groceries.  

  •   Pick Versatile Ingredients. Choosing ingredients that can  be incorporated in multiple meals will help you. For example,  a roasted chicken can be an entree, added to a soup, or  made into tacos! 

Meal prepping can be very beneficial to many people, and you can even create some delicious recipes!  

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