How the pandemic has affected men’s mental health

In terms of mental health, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a mixed bag. For many people, pandemic-related stress has become a defining factor of daily life. At the same time, many people have seen stress from other sources decrease. But the overall effect of these changes on mental health varies, and surveys have shown that some men have been experiencing more negatives than positives.

“We’ve seen increased rates of depression in pretty much every age demographic for men,” says Brian Bartlett, manager of Programs for Change, an alcohol and substance abuse recovery program. “And, it’s important to understand that depression can look different in men than it does in women.”

Our conversation with Brian on the For Health’s Sake podcast digs into the specifics of this COVID-19 and mental health trend, including:

  • Which pandemic-related changes are affecting men the most
  • Signs of depression in men
  • Why some men don’t get help for their mental health issues
  • Ways to reduce or manage anxiety and depression

Get the help you need now

Brian has a timely saying, “The best day to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The second best day is today.” In other words, don’t wait to take steps to improve your mental health. Whether you’re noticing symptoms of depression as a result of pandemic isolation, or you don’t feel like yourself and don’t know why, you can start getting help today.

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